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Is the audition process like American Idol?

No, not at all. We have a system in place to help us not only gauge your current ability level, but it helps us identify places where we can help you grow and progress into more complex challenges. Mentoring is fully integrated into our ministry. All positions begin with an audition that is intentionally pretty challenging.. the goal is to be able to asses where you are in your ability level, as well as how comfortable you are recovering from mistakes. Not one of us is perfect, or claim to be, but we are all in the pursuit of excellence.

What's the most common mistake people make in auditions?

Practicing with the original recording of the song instead of the click track with backing instruments. Subconsciously our minds will always focus on the human voice that's prevalent in a recording instead of the metronome  they need to stay in sync with. Metronomes are strange at first, but absolutely crucial to what we do. Spend most of your time preparing with the Click Track.

How often do I serve?

It will always depend on how many people we have in your current position and what their ability levels are. Most team members serve 1-3 times a month, and at the moment we ask all members to share time between Stafford and Fredericksburg campuses. Rehearsals are currently Wednesday nights for Stafford, Thursday nights for Fredericksburg. You only attend the rehearsal for the week you are scheduled. 

Do you even need more members? It seems like you have every position...

This is a very common misconception. Our team members are scheduled as needed, but we are ALWAYS recruiting to include new people. The Stafford/Fredericksburg area unfortunately has a very high turnover rate from military and government assignments taking members in and out on a very rapid basis. Often we only have a band member for a few months at a time, meaning we need to prepare for their departure. We also may only have one member for certain positions, which means they often are need every week. We take serving time extremely seriously, so our goal is never to burn out anyone. In short... we always welcome new auditions whether we have you for 6 months or this is your permanent home. 

I have more questions, can I come in and meet with someone?

Absolutely! We are always available to chat about the ministry itself, or give you some additional evaluation time if you feel you need that. 

Who are your staff members?

Worship Director

Becca Bass


Worship Leader

Lou Bon-Ami


Music Director

Makhale Robertson