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Each position has two required songs you will be expected to perform for your audition, either live in-person or over video submission. You may include more songs if you would like to demonstrate, but they may not be in exchange of any required.

Please prepare with the Original Recording (provided), then you will play/sing along to the Click Track that is also provided. You will be expected to perform the parts as close the to the Original Recordings as you are able. You may use any tutorials or coaches to prepare, but the actual recordings must be only you.

Click on your instrument to view preparation materials.


Please fill out the Live Audition Form to request your appointment time, or email Live auditions are held at Stafford Campus.


Guitar/Bass/Strings, bring your instrument and pedal board (if needed). Drums/Keys, instrument is provided.

*Click the instrument listed above for your instructions.*

July 4-6_edited.jpg
July 4-7.jpg


Please record yourself playing/singing along to the provided Click Tracks for every required song. Be sure you are visible from the waist up and that yourself, as well as the track, are clearly heard.


Once your videos are recorded, please upload to YouTube or another online cloud storage that we can easily access through link. Please insert the link into your Video Audition Form or email the links to

*Click the instrument listed above for your instructions.*

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